Basic announcement price

 in black and white 1/8 page A4 215.00 zł

 1/4 page A4 355.00 zł

 1/2 page A4 590.00 zł

 1 page A4 990.00 zł

Extra payments to basic price

 for each additional colour 25%

 for full colour 100%

 for announcement placed at IV cover page 100%

 for announcement placed at II cover page 75%

 for announcement placed at III cover page 50%

Announcement placed at I cover page

 in black and white 1600.00 zł

 in colour 2100.00 zł


 for announcement placed twice 20%

 for announcement placed 3 and 4 times 30%

 for announcement placed 5 times or more 50%

 for the announcement submitted subject with annual subscription paid 10%


23% VAT will be added to all prices.