appears bimonthly
published since 1961  under the patronage
of Society of Polish Mechanical Engineers and Technicians
and Society of Engineers and Technicians of Chemical Industry

The journal is devoted to process calculations and design of apparatus and devices employed in process industries, especially chemical, petrochemical, food-agricultural ones and also in energy production, municipal system maintenance and environmental protection.

CHEMICAL ENGINEERING AND EQUIPMENT   journal is dedicated to research workers, designers, construction engineers, and also managers and process-line engineers.
Articles published include a wide range of topic, such as processes and unit operations of chemical engineering, bio- and nanotechnology, biomedical engineering, recycling, process safety, and also design and calculations of apparatus in aspect of yield improvement, better use of row materials, energy saving and environmental protection.

Articles in in CHEMICAL ENGINEERING AND EQUIPMENT  are peer-reviewed by professionals. Authors obtain 7 points in parametric evaluation of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (since 2015).


All pages translated by Prof. Andrzej Gierczycki



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